Have Passion for Photography? Here’s How to Attract More Followers

Have Passion for Photography? Here’s How to Attract More Followers

These days, there are many photographers using Instagram for the promotion of their love of photography. Instagram is a very popular social media app with up to 150 million users. It is among the easiest photo and video sharing platforms. All you need to post a square photo or video to add tags, captions etc.  Some users are likely to add comments, share with friends and like photos. Every post will be seen in your followers’ feeds.

  1. Tag Clients

When posting the picture of clients, tag them up using @ sign along with profile name. Here, they can check photo even if they are not following you on Instagram. Then client can make comment, like photos and share the photos with friends. All they have to type profile names of friends in comment.

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  1. Hashtags

Every time, you need to add a couple of hashtags to post a photo to improve exposure. Your hashtag will vary as per your photo. Here’s what you should consider –

  • Type of Photography – Mention whether it is a family portrait, wedding picture or a photo shoot of a newborn. For example #familyportrait, #weddingphotography, or #newbornshoot
  • Location – Mention the city or town where it was taken. Mention the name of park, building or event, such as #Chicago etc.
  • Location and Type – Combine the location and type of photography to make it easier for the potential client to find you on Instagram. For instance #melbourneweddingphotographer.
  • Brand – Don’t forget to list your brand like #Melbournephotography.
  • Equipment – Also mention the camera and lens used to shoot the snaps, such as #nikon, #canon, #105mm.
  • Details- Don’t forget to add relevant details of pictures using broad terms. Suppose you want to upload a photo of wedding bouquet, be sure to add hashtags like #weddingbouquet, #weddingflowers, #bridal, #redroses, or #bridalbouquet.
  1. Consistency

On Instagram, you are required to share one photo, at least in a week and avoid posting too much. You may post at least one photo in a day. Be sure to upload your best photo to amaze the people to convince them to follow your feed for your photography.

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  1. Watermark Your Images

There is no lack of pro photographers who prefer to watermark their photos. If you post your creations, be sure to name in watermark and on your website. You can create your portraits and watermark those with your full name and brand name.

  1. Update Profile

Make sure that your profile includes your blog or website address. Some of the photographers list their emails so clients can easily contact them. Your profile must be set to public and bio should be below 150 characters.

Tips to Advertise on Instagram

These are the formats to promote your brand on Instagram –

  • Photo Ads – It looks like a normal photo post but labeled as “Sponsored” over the post. It also includes “Learn More” button on the bottom.
  • Carousel Ads – It has a lot of photos to swipe. It appears like photo ads.
  • Video Ads – Looks like photo ads or video posts, but labeled as “sponsored”.






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