8 Killer Photography Tips for Beginners from Instagram Superstars

8 Killer Photography Tips for Beginners from Instagram Superstars

Instead of just taking drunken mischief with pals, some of the Instagram stars are taking some creative yet mind-blowing pictures with few taps on their device. Do you know how some of the Instagram superstars kill it? We took some interview series and came out with these expert tips to be used when it comes to fire up the app. These tips will help you take fantastic photos to spice up your Instagram feed.

See Things Differently

Common people see the world around rushing by from inside the car, bus, on foot, or on train. But Instagrammers see things in a different way. Paul Octavious (an Instagrammer with over 502,000 followers) explains the reason he takes pictures of same thing several times. He claims it helps him to evolve as a photographer. He learns to see things in different way.

Underexpose Your Pictures

The native camera app of iPhone has some drawbacks for snapping the perfect picture. Chris Ozer, with over 570,000 followers on his profile, explains how he makes light and color adjustment. He underexposes his shot intentionally just like he does with most of his shots. If you don’t, his iPhone blows out the portions of photo, particularly the sky. It lacks definition in elements. In order to underexpose, you just have to tap on the bright area of frame and hold on for it. It locks the exposure and focus. Then you are free to compose the shot without worrying about shifting to the unwanted exposure.


It is not easy to get the symmetrical shot or perfect crop. But the Instagram user and a photographer, Pei Ketron centers herself to capture the symmetry in the scene. She ensures all the lines are straight. For square crop, you need to capture symmetry in the scene and center yourself. You need to use app like PS Express as you just don’t get it straight if you are in a hurry.

Consider Photography as a Kind of Exercise

Komeda or Philip Park with over 342,000 followers, was recommended to get more exercise. The iPhoneographer sometimes uses his photo walks as stand-in to have gym time and he gets some of the amazing pictures from the neighborhood. When he doesn’t have lots of time to take pictures due to his work, he commute on riverside road everyday and his workplace is located around scenic attractions like palace, river, urban park or other picture-perfect places. A lot of his photos are taken on his way to home or during his lunch and he often skips gym for photo walk.


It doesn’t just take some time to find out what some of the photos are, but Dan Cole (photographer with around 447,000 followers), believes in composing shots that are pleasing to eyes. He values composition more than anything and he suggests paying attention to rule of thirds. He believes that there is something pleasing to the brain when elements are aligned to the thirds. He recommends you to straighten your pictures and it grounds elements and adds spice to your shots.

Consider Self-Portraits, Not Selfies

With all the flattering filters, you can create lots of amazing pictures, such as self-portraits. A safe-solvent to around 38000 followers, Martin Reisch manages to appear in his photos. He is just amazed with the idea of being far in the shot. He uses 30-second delay with Camera+ app, composes a shot, and runs to reach his mark. GorillaPad is the tool which changes the way he shoots for iPhone. He attaches his phone to ledges, trees and around anything he likes.

Take Several Shots

A lot of iPhoneographers take several shots with iPhone camera and upload on the social network later. Anthony Daniele (with around 187,000 followers) explains he gets several shots before he captures the perfect candid moments. He takes around 30 to 50 pictures daily within 90 minutes. Not every shot seems to be good. With little patience and practice, you can start out and find your unique style which works ideal for you.

Add Lens to Your Device

In order to capture every little detail, be sure to add a lens to your iPhone camera. Monica Rubalcava is a photographer with 27,400 followers. When she takes macro picture, she uses basic camera as it is simple and quick. To get the perfect shot, she takes the position. When it comes to take a picture of blueberry, her lens almost touches the water and she is crouched over the table to get the perfect shot.






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